Sunday, March 22, 2015

how to hack wifi by using android HACK ANY SECURITY

      now a days smartphones users increasing rapidly day by day due to the adaption of innovative technology. which means internet users increasing double than the smartphone users.

so everyone one to be smart on this smart world. the first question of smartpahone user is
HOW TO HACK WIFI/ HOW TO USE FREE INTRNET this question is arises because there is lots of smart apps related to internet tricks in PLAY STORE and APPLE STORE.
 now the users start googling HOW TO HACK WIFI. if your question also same like this then you are in right place...

here is a step by step instructons of hacking wifi from your android phone.

the most succesful and easiest way to hacking any security

 How to Hack WiFi (Easy Way) ***
Download :
(Wifi hacker for Android)
When downloaded :
1. Install the app
2. Open the app
3. The app will automatically scan the networks, (WPS enabled)
4. Tap on the wifi you want to hack.
5. A 8 digit pin will be shown on a pop, copy it in a paper,
6. Open your laptop, and try to connect with the wifi you wanted to hack earlier
7. When it asks for the PIN, enter the copied pin
8. CONECTD!!! Enjoy Free WiFi.
Note : Most TpLink routers are hackable by this method (even WPA/WPA2)
Some wifi networks may have Remote setup locked or have not enabled WPS so you cannot hack them...

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